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For all our exhibition and conferences, we will work together with the pertinent professional industry associations, the relevant government agencies and departments, as well as with core facilities, to achieve a superior solution and create a larger potential opportunity.


20190314亞太國際風力發電展暨產業論壇在高雄展覽館活動攝影-高雄攝影 (4
20190313亞太國際風力發電展暨產業論壇在高雄展覽館活動攝影-高雄攝影 (7
20190313亞太國際風力發電展暨產業論壇在高雄展覽館活動攝影-高雄攝影 (3

"Really like the new modern Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and the Wind Energy Asia is very well-organized. A lot of people, old and new faces. I’m very impressed. Was a pity we were not exhibitors this time but we expect to take part in 2020."


20190314亞太國際風力發電展暨產業論壇在高雄展覽館活動攝影-高雄攝影 (1
20190314亞太國際風力發電展暨產業論壇在高雄展覽館活動攝影-高雄攝影 (6